Trademark Protection

We monitor your online content regularly and take action against offenders.

Web Defense Systems performs a unique and powerful scope of services to help our clients protect their trademarks. Our unique system of searching and analyzing is ideal for companies who value their brand names, or IP attorneys who want the best service for their best clients. Examples of trademark-related items that we monitor for clients include:

  • The unauthorized use of our clients’ trademarks in 3rd party marketing
  • Counterfeit products (knockoffs) bearing our clients’ trademarks
  • Trademark applications, registrations, and office actions at the USPTO. We can even determine if your company was ever specifically mentioned in 3rd party filings
  • Trademark registrations with the WIPO (Madrid Treaty)
  • Domain names similar to our clients’ trademarks (domain squatting or cybersquatting)
  • Pay Per Click Protection on the three major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We ensure that a client’s affiliates and competitors are not using our clients’ marks in their ad without authorization. We monitor the ad’s headline, body, and display URL

We will then provide you, the client, with a unique report of our findings. Our comprehensive reports can be delivered to you weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. They’ll include much more than just automated results. Rather, a Web Defense Systems report includes a thorough examination of every one of our findings, both organized into categories and prioritized based on the likelihood of the finding being problematic. And our analysis of each finding will always be substantiated with hard data.

If you are interested in using our Trademark Protection services, please contact us.