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Find resellers selling below your Standard Retail Price

Price Tracking

Web Defense Systems can provide clients with a unique service geared towards compiling relevant pricing data from around the web. In the Internet age, a time when price-comparison-shopping is as easy as the click of a mouse or the touch of a smartphone, our clients use this data in multiple ways:

  • We have manufacturing clients who need to constantly know the price at which its retailers are selling, usually to ensure the retailer doesn’t go below the MSRP and therefore undercut the client’s other retailers or the client’s own website
  • We have retail clients who need to monitor the price at which other retailers are selling competitive products so that the client can adjust its own price accordingly

We can monitor the price of almost any item on almost any website on a continuous basis, charting the results and alerting you whenever a price falls (or rises) below a certain level. In addition to industry-specific sites, we can even monitor EBay, Amazon, and similar user-generated retailers. Further, we know that the laws on vertical price control and horizontal price fixing can be confusing, and yet the penalties for such actions can be assessed at the felony level. So we will work closely with you and your attorney before we take action on the data we provide.

If you are interested in using our Price Tracking services, please contact us. A knowledgeable Web Defense Systems representative will further discuss how we can help your business, and we will provide you with a cost-effective quote.

Reputation Management

Web Defense Systems provides some clients with reputation management, a service geared toward improving the client’s online reputation. We will monitor social networking sites, major review sites, and sites that are set up specifically to target the client.We can take proactive measures to prevent future negative content about the client and increase the amount of positive feedback towards the client.

Our work in this space can be extremely effective, though we need to understand a client’s exact needs before we determine how appropriate our proprietary methods would be, and what we would have to charge a client to undertake them. If you are interested in using our reputation management services, please contact us. A Web Defense Systems executive will be able to further explain how we can help your company.

Investigative Services

Many of our clients need information on a 3rd party that is not readily available online. This situation could arise when a client is trying to determine whether or not a trademark or copyright infringer is worth taking legal action against, or it could arise when a client is considering entering a new industry and wants to get a better feel for the competition.

Web Defense Systems uses outside the box methods to get information that isn’t readily available. If you are interested in using our Investigative Services, please contact us. A Web Defense Systems executive will get a feel for your company’s needs, and explain how we might be able to help.