Legal Services

Copyright and Trademark Legal Services

When a copyright or trademark infringement is located, Web Defense Systems has a system of quantifying the number of dollars that the infringement has cost our client. Such an amount, once proven in court, will be awarded to a client, usually in addition to attorney’s fees. Further, in the case of trademark infringement of a registered mark, this amount may even be awarded in triplicate of the amount determined (a result of the statute of treble damages)


Web Defense Systems is not a legal team by trade, so we have partnered with top intellectual property attorneys in the event legal action is necessary to protect your content and trademarks.

Legal service we do provide in which an attorney is not necessary are:

  • Copyright filing service
  • DMCA Takedown service
  • Cease and Desist orders

In the event a lawsuit is required, we have partnered with the following law firms.  We select our partners carefully based on level of service they provide and their proven results.

  • Frank
  • TJ

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