Copyright Enforcement

Web Defense Systems will protect your copyright by enforcing any violations.

Web Defense Systems can structure our copyright enforcement work on your behalf in one of two ways:

  1. Web Defense Systems uses our software and methodology to (1) locates the piracy of your I.P., and (2) immediately have your content removed. Due to the efficiency of our systems, we usually get both done within 24 hours of the content being posted.
  2. Web Defense Systems runs everything through your I.P. lawyer. Our role is to find copyright infringement and report it, your lawyer’s role is to determine the best course of action.

Regardless of which of these approaches works best for your company, we will provide the details of our work to you in a very detailed report as often as you’d like, showing exactly what we’ve accomplished for you during that period.

The series of actions we take against infringers is based on what actually gets results. Typical actions against copyright violators include:

  • Quickly determining the location and scope of the infringement
  • Immediately putting a stop to the piracy, to limit the extent of the problem
  • Contacting service providers and taking other proactive measures
  • Working with you to determine the best course of action, and who should take the initiative
  • Filing of proper legal notices (C&D Letter, country-appropriate WIPO Copyright Treaty letter)
  • Using data to determine if the infringer has deep enough pockets to make a lawsuit cost-effective
  • Comprehensive reporting to you of our findings and actions

If you are interested in using our Copyright Enforcement services, click here to contact us.

Note: we divide our copyright protection work into two categories: (1) Content Monitoring and (2) Copyright Enforcement. Most clients request we perform both services on their behalf, though we can tailor our focus to the needs of the client.

Please also note that we consider both of these services to be separate from Trademark Protection, which includes brand surveillance.