Piracy Monitoring

Monitor Your Online Content to Protect Your Copyrights and TrademarksWeb Defense Systems has developed software and a methodology to scan the Internet constantly for our clients’ valuable content. We are usually able to both locate and remove copyrighted material within 24 hours of it being posted, regardless of the size and scope of the client. We can locate and find the following types of content:

  • Video content on mainstream media sites, file sharing sites, or torrent / rip sites
  • Audio (music or spoken word) in any format, on any site
  • Text and books in any form (pdfs, torrents, docs, etc)
  • Software, passwords, or proprietary coding
  • For trademark and/or brand surveillance, please see our Trademark Protection page

In addition to searching the web for the unauthorized use of your content, our monitoring service includes our unique and comprehensive reports. These reports provide much more than automated results. Rather, a Web Defense Systems report will include the following:

  • A complete list of every single case of piracy that we found, and how we processed each of them
  • All of our findings organized into categories (and prioritized based on severity if applicable)
  • Capturing screenshots or recording websites for use as evidence
  • Documenting the date and length of time the infringement has been ongoing
  • Determining the location and identity of the infringer

In addition, we can take action against infringers. We categorize such action as “Copyright Enforcement.” Learn about our Copyright Enforcement services.

If you are interested in using our Content Monitoring services, please contact us.

Note: we divide our copyright protection work into two categories: (1) Content Monitoring and (2) Copyright Enforcement. Most clients request we perform both services on their behalf, though we can tailor our focus to the needs of the client.