Plagiarism and Crediting the Copyright Owner

It should be noted that just because a 3rd party gives credit to the copyright owner does not mean copyright infringement has not occurred. In other words, if Web Defense Systems finds a 3rd party distributing or selling one of our clients’ copyrighted works, yet that 3rd party is giving credit to our client by saying something like, “the above video/article/etc is owned by XYZ company,” such a notice would by no means prevent your IP attorney from taking action against the 3rd party for copyright infringement. And if our client decided to sue the 3rd party, their notice would not prevent a judge/jury from awarding damages to our client. Rather, what these “credits” do is prevent the 3rd party from committing plagiarism. But plagiarism is not a crime, copyright infringement is. Plagiarism may get you expelled from college, but it’s copyright infringement that will get you sued.

Disclaimer: The purpose of our “Knowledge Base” documents is to explain the basics of the subject matter in question and to provide some rationale behind the actions that Web Defense Systems might take on behalf of our clients. We are not lawyers, and the preceding information should not be used in lieu of legal advice.