Each of our clients requires its own unique combination of IP surveillance, detailed reporting and analysis, consultation with its legal team, action against infringers, or other services. Therefore, Web Defense Systems will quickly provide a custom quote to you based on your individual needs.

Your quote will clearly detail the scope of work we’ll perform for your company. And the price will be cost-effective for your business, as we are committed to providing an elite level of service at an affordable price.

Web Defense Systems is ideal for multinational companies with a recognizable brand name, or small companies that just need a single piece of media or software to be protected.

We should note that one of our founders was a partner in a successful media company. Seeing his content and trademark stolen on the internet was of course costly from a dollar standpoint, but it was also incredibly frustrating and stressful from a personal standpoint. So we realize how important our work is to our clients. We are absolutely committed to go the extra mile and do everything possible to ensure your company retains complete control of your intellectual property .

Contact us today to discuss how Web Defense Systems can become a cost-effective solution for your business.