About Web Defense Systems, LLC

We are a technology service company with a focus on protecting the intellectual property of our clients. Our primary services include: (1) monitoring the internet to locate and analyze the piracy of our clients’ copyright-protected content, (2) monitoring the internet to locate and analyze the trademark infringement of our clients’ brands, and (3) working with the client or its legal team to take reactive AND proactive measures against companies or individuals committing either copyright piracy or trademark infringement.

In addition to the IP protection services listed above, we also perform (1) price tracking (this is usually geared either for the client to price its own products competitively, or for the client to ensure its retailers aren’t selling below their MSRP); (2) reputation management; and (3) detailed investigative services to help the Client and/or its lawyers learn more about competitors or IP violators.

It would be an understatement to say that our services exceed what clients expect. We always go above and beyond to earn the respect of our clients. The overall vision of Web Defense Systems includes taking whatever steps are needed to meet a client’s highest expectations. This means we take the theft of our client’s intellectual property as personally as they do. We use both proprietary software and highly-skilled professionals.  So while our prices are cost-effective, we aren’t cheap because our methods involve much more than just computer-generated results containing inapplicable findings. Rather, we carefully analyze each of our findings and back up our analysis with hard data. Bottom line: we strive to provide our clients and their legal team with high-end work that earns their loyalty.

Our team includes:

  • a former media executive who founded a successful video production company and therefore has a deep understanding of the stress that content producers and trademark holders face when dealing with internet piracy;
  • an internet guru with experience in both front-end and back-end web development, web 2.0, piracy techniques and hacking culture, and protecting the intellectual property of clients;
  • an Ivy League consultant and former investment banker who has lived in China, worked on cross-border I.P. licensing deals, and has first-hand experience with copyright infringement and the counterfeiting of brands in Asia.

We are based in Atlanta, Georgia. We can be reached by email at info@webdefensesystems.com.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance to your business.